High School Staff

 Roadcap, Jeff  Principal
 Skelton, Brad  Dean Of Students / Athletic Director
Instructional Staff
 Bomgardner, Lydia  Gifted Support / ELL
 Fessler, Cindy  Library Services
 Zartman, Amy  School Counselor
 Supsic, Tracy  Social Services
 Snyder, Amanda  Social Services
 Toczylousky, Trystanne  Social Services
Support Staff
 Michael, Allison  High School Nurse
 Kieffer, Bridgette  High School Secretary
 Hughes, Michele  High School Secretary
 Shaffer, Deborah  Guidance Secretary
 Zimmerman, Lisa  High School Secretary
Teacher Aides
 Reed, Sue  Work Foundations
 Leader, Christine  Learning Support
 Weiser, Deb  Learning Support
 Wetzel, Tammy  Learning Support
 Wren, Lisa  Learning Support
 Lahr, Bethany  Life Skills
Math Department
 Keer, Charles  Pomykalski, Laura
 Raker, Jonathan  Schick, Paula
Language Arts
 Heim, Kelly  Molesevich, Sophia
 Taraschuk, Jordan  Shearn, Christine
Science Department
 Herb-Fausey, Shelley  Physics/Chemistry
 Kieffer, Heather  Ecology/Anatomy/Forensics
 Zelnick, Al  Biology
Social Studies
 Hayner, Michael  Knock, Rodney
 Campbell, Hannah
Health & Phys. Ed.
 Buriak, Mike  Yisrael, Jill
 Kelley, Stephen
Specials & Electives
 Bowman, Karrie  FCS/Business/Computers
 Brown, Dana  Band Director & Music
 Ferster, Francine  Agriculture
 Frye, Jennifer  Spanish
 Haas, Jared  Technology Education/Metalwork
 Hojnacki, Damian  Business & Computer Science
 Kahl, Joseph  Technology Education/Woodwork
 Kahler, CarolLynn  Art/Language Arts
 Ney, Susan  German
 Wagner, Wesley  Art & Graphics
Special Education
 Lucas, Angel  Life Skills
 Mausteller, Rebecca  Learning Support
 Mowery, Danielle  Learning Support & NCCTC Support
 Wagner, Briana  Learning Support

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