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Line Mountain FFA

Congratulations to the Line Mountain FFA and advisor Francine Ferster for placing 1st in the Agricultural Educational Exhibit competition at the 2020  Pennsylvania Farm Show with their presentation:

Fighting Cancer: One Plant At A Time 

Technology Education

In early 2019, America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education, sponsored by the Bayer Fund, partnered with local farmers to nominate rural schools and awarded more than $2.3 million in grants to enhance their science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs. Because area farmers answered the call, Grow Rural Education has awarded Line Mountain School District with a $10,000 grant.

The Line Mountain Middle / High School is one of the many schools across the country that has benefited from the Grow Rural Education program. For each grant-winning school, teachers, students and, often times, community members develop plans to create more engaging and innovative STEM programs. Grow Rural Education grants have helped schools purchase an array of STEM-related materials, such as augmented-reality sandboxes, weather-forecasting and robotics equipment. The Line Mountain Technology Education department, led by Mr. Jared Haas and Mr. Joe Kahl, will use the Grow Rural Education funds to create a STEM Design and Innovation Lab that will allow our students to go from design to implementation, all within one classroom. This lab will have the necessary tools and equipment to conduct research, design, rapid prototype and build.  Congratulations and thank you all for the support of the Line Mountain School District.

Outdoor Adventure Class Rafting Trip

Randy Weiser Memorial Classroom

The Line Mountain Randy Weiser Memorial Classroom is beginning to take shape.  This outdoor classroom is being built by faculty and students in honor of long-time Middle School Teacher Mr. Randy Weiser who passed away last school year.  The outdoor classroom will be used by the High School and the Middle School for outdoor learning and leisure during the Spring and Fall months of the school year.

Line Mountain Agriculture

Keri Ferster, Senior, was selected to attend the Pennsylvania School for Excellence in the Agricultural Sciences. She was one of 32 students from across Pennsylvania to be chosen for a full scholarship to spend four weeks at Penn State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences to be immersed in collegiate experiences, professional development, as well as social networking opportunities.

While at the campus, scholars actively engaged in learning topics such as Animal Science, Plant Science, International Agriculture, Environmental Resource Management, Ecosystems Management as well as Contemporary Agricultural Issues.  They also researched international food insecurity issues in conjunction with the World Food Prize Foundation’s Pennsylvania Youth Institute.  Ferster presented her research “Sustainable Practices in Romanian Agriculture” which earned her the recognition as a Borlaug Scholar.  (Named after Norman E. Borlaug, 1970 Nobel Prize Laureate and Founder of The World Food Prize, whose main goal is to improve global food security.)  This will allow her to qualify for internships and opportunities through the USDA.

Ferster is the daughter of Donald and Francine Ferster, Dalmatia, PA.  She is active in the Line Mountain FFA (President), Line Mountain Marching, Concert, and Jazz Bands (Trumpet Co-Captain), Line Mountain Musical & Choir, LM Softball & Basketball, Key Club, National Honor Society, Leck Kill 4-H and St. Luke’s UCC Church, Malta.


The Color Of Flight

From the Daily Item: “Art teacher Wes Wagner and math teacher Charles Keer and their students unveiled ‘The Color of Flight’ in the hallway between the art and math departments. The wall mural, which depicts an eagle flying out of a hallway, uses leading lines and contrasting shapes to create the illusion of space and dimension.

Anamorphic employs a unique form of perspective in which the art can only be viewed properly from one single vantage point. Away from this point, distortion and warped forms create a uniquely abstracted image. As a person walks down the hall away from that vantage tile, the proportions of the mural becomes oblique and exaggerated. The art changes because it is based on a grid system that has tapering geometric proportions.”

To see the entire project, you can visit The Daily Item’s webpage by CLICKING HERE



Parent/Student Digital Citizenship Videos

Digital citizenship is the appropriate and responsible use of technology. Too often we are seeing students, as well as adults, misusing and abusing technology but not sure what to do. The issue is more than what users don’t know, it’s what is considered appropriate. The videos provided below will help parents educate themselves as well as their children in the appropriate use of technology and social media.  Click Here for a series of videos to Start Your Positive Digital Footprint.

Line Mountain High School

Line Mountain High School

Line Mountain Morning News

Line Mountain Morning News

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Line Mountain YouTube Channel


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