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Congratulations to our Line Mountain High School Archery team for placing third at the Archery State Tournament at Spooky Nook Sports Complex. The team scored their highest total points this season with 3,325. Individually, we had a number of archers place in their respective categories:

Alex Schaffner – 10th Place in Middle School Boys; Ambree Daniels – 3rd Place in Middle School Girls
Casey Keiter – 7th Place in High School Boys; Trent Zartman – 3rd Place in High School Boys
Kiera Leitzel – 3rd Place in High School Girls

Line Mountain Tournament (February 25, 2023)

Congratulations to our High School Archery team who took 2nd place in the Line Mountain Archery Meet with their highest score to date, a 3312. The Middle School team also scored their highest mark this season with a 3080.

In the 3D tournament, Trent Zartman took first place in the male division and Kiera Leitzel took first place in the female division.

The following individuals placed in the top ten in their division!

Kiera Leitzel – 1st place high school girls

Wyatt Malacusky – 4th place high school boys

Casey Keiter – 7th place high school boys

Cassie Laudenslager -8th place high school girls

Kylie Zeigler – 2nd place middle school girls

Alex Schaffner – 9th place middle school boys

Griffin Tressler – 10th place middle school boys

Tri Valley Tournament (February 22, 2020)

The Line Mountain Middle School Archery Team took 3rd place at the Tri-Valley Tournament.  Brady Buriak took 2nd place in the middle school boys division.  The high school archery team took 4th place with their highest overall score so far this season.  In the high school boys division, Trent Zartman took 4th place with a score of 284 and just one ten behind the 3rd place archer.  In the high school girls division, we had three girls in the top 10.  Paige Wertz placed 7th with a 282, Kyleigh Leiser placed 9th with a score of 279 and 16 tens, and Cassie Laudenslager placed 10th with a score of 279 and 13 tens.

Upper Dauphin Tournament (February 15, 2020)

The Line Mountain Archery teams participated in the Upper Dauphin Tournament last Saturday.  Trent Zartman took 1st place in the high school boys division with a score of 286.  Cassie Laudenslager placed 4th place in the high school girls division with a score of 287.  Casey Keiter placed 8th in the middle school boys division with a score of 270.  Both teams placed 5th in their respective divisions.

State 3D Tournament (February 1, 2020)

Casey Keiter, Wyatt Malacusky, Brady Buriak

The Line Mountain Middle School Archery Team, under a very tough environment this past weekend at the 2020 Pennsylvania NASP®\IBO 3D Challenge, once again saw a Line Mountain Eagle take the top prize. Brady Buriak took the top spot with a score of 284, Wyatt Malacusky was a close second with a 283, Casey Keiter was 5th with a 274, and Jack Rebuck was 7th with a 260.

In the Middle School Girls Division, Kiera Leitzel finished 8th with a 272. The Middle School team finished in second place overall.

In the High School Division, Trent Zartman placed 8th in the boys class with a 276 and Brooke Novinger placed 10th in the girls class with a 269. The High School team placed 4th overall. Congratulations to all the student/athletes involved for their superb performances and for all the hard work that they have been putting in.

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Halifax Tournament (January 25, 2020)

Kiera Leitzel

Wyatt Malacusky

The Line Mountain Middle School Archery Team edged out Upper Dauphin Area by 3 points to take 1st place at the Bob Baker Memorial Tournament in Halifax.  In the Middle School Girls division, Keira Leitzel took 1st place and Kassidy Celsky took 4th place.  In the Middle School Boys division, Wyatt Malacusky took 2nd place, Casey Keiter took 5th place, Brady Buriak took 6th place, and Jack Rebuck took 10th place.

The High School Archery team took 4th place overall.  In the High School Girls division, Cassie Laudenslager took 4th place, Kyleigh Leiser took 6th place, and Brooke Novinger took 10th place.

Williams Valley Tournament (January 11, 2020)

The Middle School Archery Team recently participated in the Williams Valley Archery Tournament. Kiera Leitzel took 1st place in the Middle School Girls Division and Casey Keiter took 3rd place in the Middle School Boys Division. The High School Archery Team placed 4th overall with Cassie Laudenslager finishing in 4th place in the High School Girls Division.

Kiera Leitzel

Casey Keiter

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Line Mountain Archery 2017 from Jason Weller on Vimeo.

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2017 State Competition

STATE COLLEGE, PA – The Line Mountain High School Archery team placed 10th over all at the NASP State Championships at Stage College on March 10th, 2017.  The Eagles moved up from a 16th place finish a year ago.

In the Middle School Division, first year Club Line Mountain placed 12th overall and was the only rookie team in the field.  Congratulations to all.  Upper Dauphin Area won the State Title and Halifax area was third.

Special Thanks To The Line Mt. Tech Ed. Department  for supplying these trophies for the 2017 Winter Classic

Photos from the 2017 Winter Classic

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Photos from the High School Archery Meet, January 2017

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Photos from the first ever Middle School Archery competition at the Williams Valley Middle School State Qualifier Tournament.

[slideshow_deploy id=’7561’] STATE COLLEGE, PA: The Line Mountain Archery team participated in their first Pennsylvania State Archery Competition. The state competition is the best of the best in the state.   Line Mountain placed 16th in the State, and now has a starting point to build on.  The Line Mountain School District would also like to congratulate the Halifax School District who became 4 time state champions.  Our local schools represented themselves well.



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