Christine Shearn
Curriculum Coordinator

The PA Educational System is currently under a major overall curricular change. The change will be to improve the rigor and to align current curriculum to the Common Core throughout our educational system.

We are currently working with the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit on developing /aligning our curriculum to the PA Common Core Standards. Also, we are developing a plan of action for the implementation of aligning the Common Core Standards to Line Mountain’s Curriculum.

The state is currently developing a curriculum framework for all PA schools. Once this is finalized in the fall, we will adopt this as our framework and curriculum map. While waiting for the state’s framework to be completed, Line Mountain will be assessing where the common core is currently being taught in our current curriculum and we will analyze our plan of action.

The assessment for PA Common Core will be the Keystone Exams. For more current information, please check the PDE Standards Aligned System ( SAS) portal website at , the common core standards home at for current updates and information.

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