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Welcome to Line Mountain Elementary, home of the Eagles!

Line Mountain School district believes “Assessment Drives Instruction”, “All students can learn” and “Fair is not always equal.” The purpose of education in this district is to facilitate development of the potential for each student by having highly qualified educators teaching in a research-based, differentiated, rigorous, and interesting way. Our goal is to equip our students through a scaffolding approach that builds upon each student’s educational journey so they are able to “spread their wings and take off” after graduation.  

Line Mountain Elementary is located in Northumberland County in Trevorton, PA. The Elementary School educates approximately 350 students in grades K-4.

Line Mountain Elementary is dedicated to providing our students with rigorous, up-to-date instruction and curriculum for all our students. Our approach includes benchmarking, a variety of assessments, as well as analysis and research. Our staff meets regularly to review assessments and methods throughout the school year in order to plan and differentiate appropriately.

 The 2024-2025 school year will be introduced to CKLA (Core Knowledge Language Arts). CKLA uses the Science of Reading along with explicit systematic foundational skills and a knowledge-building sequence to deliver the best instruction to our students.

“Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts is the leading early literacy curriculum grounded in the Science of Reading. By combining knowledge-building and research-based foundational skills, our instruction guides educators in developing strong readers, writers, and thinkers.” -AmplifyCKLA

We also utilize GoMath!, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. “Go Math! for Grades K–6 combines trusted content, practice, and games with user-friendly tools aimed at guiding every learner toward mastery.” -HMH Go Math!

Our curriculum teaches concepts in Science, Social Studies, Writing, and Language Arts.

 Principal Kyrie Ciborowski


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