ro_logoIn an effort to even better alert our students, staff, and parents, the Line Mountain School District is now on the RainedOut.com notification system.

RainedOut will be in addition to any of the alert calling and texting systems we have in place.  RainedOut will also be used for the Athletic Department to send out text messages when sporting events are cancelled, postponed, etc.

RainedOut will also be used in emergency situations district wide, it will not be used for general announcements.

The SPORTS group will be used for sports announcements only.

To subscribe, simply click on the website link at the bottom of this page.

Enter your 10-digit cell phone number and click START SIGNUP.

You will be sent a code to your cell phone, simply enter that code and you’ll be signed up.
Once you are subscribed, you will begin receiving emergency announcements from the school district.  You can decide whether or not you would like the SPORTS announcements as well.  If you would like the SPORTS announcements, simply click SUBSCRIBE next to the Sports Group.   When finished, click on LOGOUT and you are all set.

To change your SPORTS subscription, simply go to the link below, click on MANAGE YOUR ALERT SUBSCRIPTIONS and enter your 10-digit cell phone number.  You can then UNSUBSCRIBE to groups and you can also STOP RECEIVING MESSAGES altogether.

You can also OPTOUT of messages by replying to a text message with the word STOP.

Click HERE To Sign Up for RainedOut


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