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The Superintendent’s Advisory Council recently met at the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit 16 for their monthly meeting. The group of 16 superintendents reviewed all of the most current recommendations from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, The Center for Disease Control, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and met with a local health and emergency management official to discuss the current state of COVID 19, both locally and statewide. It was confirmed  that the current COVID 19 cases in PA did not originate through community-based transmission, but the result of foreign travel in Level 3 countries. Collectively the CSIU 16 and its member district superintendents are looking at all current recommendations from both health and emergency management responders to inform their decision making.  As of today, the clear recommendation is to keep our public schools open and to instruct all of the staff, parents, and students in the most effective hand-washing and hygiene protocols.  District leadership understands that information and recommendations are changing rapidly and are committed to staying informed and maintaining excellent communication with one another and the public.

Protocols and Procedures: All of our districts are educating students, parents, staff, and the community on the best practices for hygiene according to the recommendations of the Department of Health. We strongly encourage intentional handwashing, elbow coughing and sneezing, wiping down surfaces, and staying home if sick, as recommended by the CDC.   We have reviewed all supplies used for cleaning and disinfecting our schools on a daily basis and have made supplies available to promote safe and efficient hygiene practices.

Guidance from Governing Organizations: Districts are receiving updates on a regular basis from the PA Department of Health, the PA Department of Education, local hospitals, and with local emergency management officials.  Districts are also in contact with one another and sharing information as it becomes available to make informed regional decisions.

School Closures and Event Cancellations: School districts will follow the guidance and mandates put forth by the PA Department of Health and the PA Department of Education, along with consulting with the local boards of education before any decision regarding school closures would be made.  At this point in time no districts are considering closure, as we are being advised that schools are still the most appropriate setting for our students. The decision for school closure will be monitored and reviewed as new information becomes available from these governing agencies.

At this time PIAA has not rescheduled any of their events. Additional field trips, performances, and travel for events and competitions are being carefully considered on a case-by-case basis with the partnership of regional and state agencies using the best information available. Districts are also adopting opt-out recommendations for families concerned about their students’ gathering in large groups or travelling. Additional hygiene precautions and protocols are being enforced for these types of activities.With the Coronavirus taking over many of the headlines, the Line Mountain School District, in cooperation with the Centers For Disease Control and BSI, is taking extra measures to help in the prevention and spread of many viruses. Some measures currently being exercised are the disinfecting of all cafeteria tables between and after all lunch periods. All student desks and doorknobs are wiped with disinfectant on a nightly basis. Disinfectant wipes are easily accessible in classrooms. Students have been mentored on the use of hand sanitizers which are placed in classrooms in addition, to the head of all lunch lines in the cafeterias. Finally, the kitchen has started implementing a rotation of self-serve utensils in each of the lunch lines as well.

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